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Admission Process:

Before a child may be considered for admission, the School must be provided with the following:

A fully completed Application Form. Download Admission form

All school records for the preceding last year, the results of any formal assessments, such as standardised testing results, and the findings of any psycho-educational assessments that may have been undertaken by the prospective student.

A birth certificate or passport verifying the child’s date of birth and nationality.

Two photographs of the child After receiving the required documentation the School may:

  • Decide not to take the application further.
  • Place the application on the waiting list for that year, if a place is not available in the child’s appropriate year group.
  • Proceed with the ‘Assessment Procedures’, if a place is available or is expected to become available.

The results of an interview with the child’s parents/guardians.

The results of the School’s entrance assessments, which are designed to indicate the child’s current academic standing in a number of core areas and their academic potential as well as their ability to work with and relate to others.

Fee Structure

For the academic year 2015-16

Please visit school to obtain fees structure.

Conditions to be met by the school include:

  • The school fees should be collected just before the beginning of each term or monthly.
  • The figures stated in the table above are adjusted annually between 5-7% to account for inflation and value added features.
  • Resources are paid once every year and cover the cost of providing textbooks, notebooks, photocopying and some exceptional material for education purpose.

Sibling Discount:

When two or more brothers and sisters study at the same time, a reduction of 20% is made from the Term Fee charged for the second child and a reduction of 30% is made on any subsequent children. However, there is no discount on Admission Fee and Annual Resource Fees.Please apply for a sibling discount if you are facing a financial crisis.

* The AS and A2 fee includes only three subjects. An additional amount of Rs. 5,000 will be charged per subject.

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